October 31, 2010

A Little Morning Hike

A last minute little hike was planned. The idea was to get up to the top of the bluff to see the sunrise.
Being that I was in the huff and puff section of the group... ok, I was the only person in the huff and puff section but one lady was kind enough to stick by me. I did notice she was breathing normally... I was hyperventilating.

But just the same it was beautiful.

I'm not a cliff dweller and am wont to say if I am called to be a martyr it is likely they will tempt me at the edge of a precipice. I've got an unholy fear of heights!

But away from the edge I truly enjoyed the views!

K-- brought Mystic Monk coffee and I brought Mystic Mother hot cocoa... I don't think I have ever had a cup of coffee in my life.

Not I am not in the picture on the edge of the cliff. I marvel anyone can smile that close to the edge.

We are going to miss you!! Adios mi amiga!

Abrupt change of topic. Remember when you had 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... children and first you had the great big legos, then you had the medium sized ones and then they finally graduated to the real thing. Well, the 2 year old #9 child will simply never touch the small or medium sized ones as he has to be just like the big kids. And yes, he can put them together. I wonder if a #1 child would be able to put together little legos or if that is a skill that is learned by osmosis.

A no reason picture.

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  1. GORGEOUS pictures of the sunrise/hike! And I had to laugh about the LEGOs... Xavy is obviously only child #3 but has been putting together real LEGOS since before he turned 2 because of Aidan (yet I never would have dreamed of letting child #1 play with LEGOs at that age for fear of choking! :) )