October 3, 2010

Pumpkin Smashing

I wonder what people did before cellphones were able to take pictures?
We got our first heavy frost so it is time to harvest.

Then Aragorn came up with pumpkin smashing.... real pumpkin smashing

We took it to a whole never level. I mean you can't just smash a giant pumpkin (or even our small giant pumpkins) on any old street! It really requires a little height.

Pippin does a little discus (diskus?) throwing with pumpkin pieces. I wonder how this would rate alongside the local "cow chip" throw (yes, if you can believe it, such an event does exist!)
Frodo tossing a piece of his smashed pumpkin.... just to make sure it was dead.

Poppy could not be left out.


Yes, that is one of our small pumpkins No, I did not splice in a yellow apple.

This game isn't just for men any more, make way for the ladies. Really, they are dainty little creatures.

Heave-ho, the little ladies go.

And here is part of our harvest. And yes, they are all ours, so are the pumpkins.

The children helped Aragorn build that giant corn shock.

We ran into dinner with our smashing and shocking so we pulled out some s'more supplies to make s'mores. The down side is that we had planned to use the giant marshmallows, just for effect, but alas something ate little holes in them. No one (except me) cared what size marshmallows we had, so obviously it was only for my effect. I was able to offer it up and eat a regular size s'more... or three.

I think it might be a crime that a 1 year old gets a marshmallows but there are certain special privleges that 10th babies are entitled to.

We ate some of the giant watermelon, this one was a smaller one of course. But the seeds were huge, about 4 times the normal size.

The 10th baby privleges extend to a chocolate bar?! I would have had heart failure if this was my first baby. Please notice the leaf that is stuck to her hand, she wasn't sticky or anything.

Ok, good, now at least she is eating watermelon I can handle that.

This is my children's style of a great meal. You can just spitui the seeds any old way and not get in trouble for spitui-ing and then fling your rind. It's all biodegradable afterall.

We also baked the corn in the coals. This was not your ordinary sized piece of corn, it was at least 3 inches longer than usual.

The concensus was "Um, I don't think I want any more watermelon now."
I never heard of a dog that ate watermelon.
For dessert we ordered pizza. (that statement has absolutely nothing to do with that picture....)

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