October 8, 2010

To the Fair

We're off to 2 Fairs tomorrow. Well, "we" isn't that we are bilocating, the man we've been working with is going to one and we are going to another.

I thought there ought to be an easier way to catch a pumpkin that with a lasso but what do I know.

Actually it wasn't a lasso at all it was... a... contraption. Aragorn tied all the knots and made a... contraption.

There was a vole living under the pumpkin (yes a vole, not a mole). This is the nest, the little black critter was scurrying around.

This baby will be going down south to a local-ish fair.

This is just a pretty pumpkin.

This squash will be going up north to another contest. Apparently at this place there is going to be a pumpking setting a new world record. I'm looking forward to hearing the weight.

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