October 10, 2010

Pumpkin Seeding

Here are our 3 "winners"
And here are 9 more "winners", well, 2 are hiding. Poppy was napping.

Carving the pumpkin.

Lifting the lid.

Woah, what a wall.

What a well.

Squeezing the pumpkin innerds to find seeds.

Lifting the lid on the squash.

Um.... no pumpkin bread out of this piece. What is it with this dog?!

Shoveling out the pulp.

Out of the 1203 Pumpkin we got 395 seeds.
We split the seeds with the man we've been working with. Everything is split 50/50.
I completely forgot, our Squash got 2nd place at 806 pounds, $50. And a world record was broken for giant pumpkins at the place where our squash was. The record is now 1,810 pounds. A friend of mine sent me an article on it HERE. There is the possibility of a newer bigger world record from Massachusettes.
We got 700 seeds out of the 806 Squash & 224 seeds out of the 897 Pumpkin. We will be donating the 897 Pumpkin seeds to the Great Pumpkin Growers Association. They will sell them.
Hm.... Peter, Peter kept his wife.... this is giving me some ideas................

What a perfect fit!
Now that the seeds are cleared out.... it's time to have some fun! Filling up the belly of the 897 with water.......

I have no idea how many gallons of water it took but it took alot.
Aragorn and his deer rifle.

Ooooooh, pretty hole!
There was a mad dash to find the bullets. Not much left of it.

Then one last attempt to have fun with the 897.
Splat. Weird.... and proud of it. Next weekend there is some promises of some fun with the Squash and 1203 pumpkin. I guess it takes a week to think of something that will be really interesting.... (!!!)

Smash, smash, stomp, stomp. Only 1 rule, no throwing pieces at people .... not the dog either, Pippin!!!

Fall is so beautiful! And it means spring is right around the corner.... in our neck of the woods we don't talk about the 6 months of winter in between.

These chunks of squash and pumpkin are in the oven as I type. We'll have some pies for Thanksgiving and pumpkin bread for breakfast.


  1. Absolutely incredible! Who got to count the seeds? :) We have really enjoyed your punkin' pictures!

  2. I did the counting :) I wouldn't trust anyone else to do it!

  3. Wow, Frodo's excitement in the second picture is uncontainable. But seriously, he's one of your cutest. The other cutest ones... the rest of your nine. :-)