October 13, 2012

Corn Maze

 A handful of my children went to the corn maze this year. Only 2 went in the real-deal but the others had a great time playing.
 The big boys coming down the culvert that takes us from parking lot under the road to the corn maze farm.  They made it through the maze in 17 minutes. A record! I would have been in there until they harvested the corn.

 Neat slide or what?!  I think they broke all the rules of not going down more than one at a time. By the end of the day they were coming down in packs of 1/2 dozen or more.
 It's really hard to caputre the fun of one of these slides
 There all kinds of little tractors for the littles to ride
 A bin full of corn. I thought it was nice of me to let a friend put Poppy's shoes on so I could take a picture :D

 Princess Poppy.  hahaha That just doesn't quite fit does it?  Woman of brute strength might work though!
 I am missing one of my cameras so you may be wondering why our washing machine is parked outside.  Well, it died.  When I am gone strange things always happen.  I was out and came home to find the washing machine in the laundry room and the door of the washing machine in the hallway one day and this another.  We figured we did over 7,000 loads in our Maytag very big Neptune. It was great.  The only problem was that it liked to think too hard when we had an overabundance of electricity (when it was very sunny) then we had to turn on electrical appliances and do-dads, flush the toilet 100 times or whatever to get it to run.
 So we went to a store to get a new one. I had to laugh as you start in the place where normal people will just go in and pick up their washing machine. When the saleslady begins to suspect you are a tight wad she will take you to "See what's in the back room".  When she really sees you are beyond tight wad she will take you into the mysterious very back room.  I had mentioned we do a lot of laundry so she asked how many kids we have.  hahahaha I love that question.  Immediately she said, "Get a Maytag" well, we knew that, we've always gotten Maytags (though I do have a speck of desire for a Bosch but that won't happen any time soon).  So we find this washe at a discount after some dickering.  I do not dicker but my husband comes from a family of dickerers. I don't like to shop with them hahaha.  When Aragorn began his dickering process I just politely said, "I'm going to go over there and sit down."  Anyway, we get the thing home to find it doesn't let water into the machine.  I don't know but water seems like a necessity to a washing machine.  Sigh. So we brought it back the next day.   And went to trusty ol' Costco.  They didn't have this one in-stock so we ordered it on-line.  Only to find out it could take up to 3 weeks.  3 weeks without laundry for 13 people. hahahaha  However, all it took was to mention it to a prayerful friend or two and Costco called right away and they are coming on Wednesday. YAY.  Costco was cheapest, they deliver and install it.  I"m ok with that.... except for that minor detail that that section of our house has the boys bedroom and bathroom and cleanliness isn't next to godliness in their book. I know, I know, it should be.  I know. Go ahead and give me a lecture.
This may sound silly but "they" put in a new light above the tabernacle where we have either the Blessed Sacrament in the Monstrance or a crucifix to make it short. Anyway, this new light made it so brilliantly pretty I wanted to take a picture of it for a friend of mine. I like to show off these kinds of lovely things. Of course, as you can see, Our Lord is not very photogenic, He is just too brilliantly beautiful and so every picture was just one great glow. 


  1. Loved the picture of Poppy in the carriage. And your comment was precious.

    I love that your children always seem to have so much fun together. Though, I am sure they have their share of "moments!"

  2. Congrats on the new washer. We bought a new washer a little under five years ago. I looked in the diagnostic menu tonight and we have 5000 or so loads on it so far. How old was your old washer?

  3. Ellen: "their share of 'moments'" HAHAHAHA Oh yeah... don't worry, my children have plenty of humanity in them!

    Matt: Our washer was about 6-1/2 years old. I was wondering while we were shopping why anyone would want such huge washing machines these days since the average house is what? 3 people? I suppose they only wash once a week and fill it once or twice? The machines they have now are so much larger than the one we had! It's almost scary to think of how much laundry we do! That said, I love these big washers, even when we do get behind it isn't too hard to get caught up. It's the organization of folding and putting away that gets tedious. I decided to have them fold as soon as it is done in the dryer (when we line-dry we fold right off the line). Life will just have to stop til they finish the laundry otherwise mine are masters at putting a clean basket in their room and then stirring in dirty clothes just to avoid the excessive labor involved in folding and putting away. Amazing!