October 1, 2012

One of Those Days

Today was one of those days.  So much so that I'm almost too weary to bother telling a bit of the story.  Frodo was to serve Mass this morning so we left along with Merry and Pippin. Mind you our TLM is at 6:30am.  AT 6:15 we ran out of gas all of 1-1/2 miles from the Church.  I know... who runs out of gas in the 21st century?!  Do you think I had my cell phone? Oh no of course not.  So I said, "Frodo... run!" (he didn't make it in time run though he did)  The rest of us weren't about to run.  I probably would have had a heart attack.  But I did think of my friend Lady Modesty's excercise plan and think she'd be proud of my walking pace this morning.  We still had a good part of the country block to go when a nice man recognized us and stopped anyway to give us a ride.  You know, the uncanny part of it is that 20 years ago same said nice man came to the rescue when I got a flat tire outside his house ... at 5am on my way to the airport.  I'm expecting that in 20 years he'll come to my aid again.  I'd like to keep the tradition going.

Thankfully my MIL goes to Mass in the morning as well so she was able to take me to the gas station where I could buy a 2 gallon gas can for $11 to fill with $7 worth of gas.  I was a little excited to have my very own cute gas can and it was going to stay in my car... just in case.  Of course it leaked the entire way back to my car.  Then we couldn't for the life of us figure out how to get the gas out of this cute little can which was losing its cuteness quickly.   When all else fails read the directions.   Do you know, you have to pop the middle out of the cap, don't they have machines to do that these days?   Then insert the tube. But the gas would not come out.   When all else fails read the directions..... again.  However it would be impossible to explain the maneuvering it took. We get the thing in and eventually push hard enough at a very awkward angle and it starts to fill.   Then it stops filling (though it was still 1/2 full... (even if it was a 1/2 empty kind of day).  I kid you not that we could not get this thing out of the gas-filling hole. My suggestion was to just leave it there, drive off and it would probably fall off somewhere.  I am quite sure this was invented by a man with women in mind. I bet to this very day he is still laughing his fool head off. 

The day didn't get much better as it wore on.  But this is plenty long and it was only 7:35. 

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  1. I do say you are rivaling Lady Modesty in your wit and humor--although I suppose none of it was funny at the time ;-)