October 20, 2012

Swingsets and Laundry

 Our first freebie swingset was added on to with yet another freebie swingset.  Meet our monstrosity swingset

And so you ask, "What is that?!"

 Why, it's Saliva Park.  I don't know, some anatomy project Eowyn was working on.  It didn't sound like the kind of amusement park I'd enjoy going to.
 Marigold getting ready to go to Grandma's with her lunchbox.

 Take Three.  New washing machine.

It did a load of laundry! It did a load of laundry!  Trust me, 2 weeks without a washing machine wasn't fun but it was stressful!  In one day I spent $40 at the laundromat.  I think we spent a total of about $60 and there are still mounds of laundry.  But let's just celebrate one load at a time. 

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