October 17, 2012

The Little Ups and Downs

 Soooo.... we ordered a washing machine.... came in a huge semi...
 Two nice men (not meaning that the 3rd man isn't nice haha) brought it into the house, hooked it up... and it didn't work.  Who designs these new fangled machines?  So we are back to square one.  So.... if you know of washing machine you think is the best ever (think washing cloth diapers) spam me.  (unless you are a robot then leave me alone)
 Frodo caught his first squirrel in his new trap.  He just let it go. There was much discussion on the ethical treatment of animals and giving them a "fair chance" as stated in Where the Red Fern Grows.
 So we also ended up having our outdoor woodboiler die a slow and painful death.  It's a shame as this was the birth place of many kittens and mice-lettes.
 It takes a while to load a biggie like this. And of course now that we are still trying to find and pay for a washing machine now we have a bigger and better woodboiler bill to add to the limpy-whimpy wallet.  God's economical timing is impeccible!  Can't wait to see what miracle ensues.  At least the dishwasher can't break... we don't have one :D
 Our spoiled kitten, or so says Galadriel. What is a spoiled kitten?!
 The pup is getting bigger and still needs to learn not to jump up.
 Then because bad news doesn't just come in 3's Sam cut his leg while cutting rubber with a knife.  I didn't ask any questions just came when I heard the "Um... Mom?  Can you come here?" and got my doctor kit. 
 All this while they are still trying to load this heavy boiler.
 But the trees are gorgeous, don't you think?
 Finally they got it loaded, just when the pizza went cold. hahahaha
 Today Pippin came running in to say that he saw balloons flying through the air and landed in the pine tree woods.  So off they ran before I even had a chance to say "Don't forget to put on your orange vests" (it's hunting season of some kind I'm sure)
 So I tossed the camera to Frodo and told him to fetch the orange vests and catch up. I would never be able to catch up to a 6 year old like Pippin.  Apparently Frodo had to climb way up to get the balloons. So he decided that entitled him to some of them.  There was much hollering over who gets these old deflated balloons.  (whatever it takes to start an arguement, right?)  In the meantime my ballon was deflated as I had imagined up some neat story about some pro-life balloons or something that had floated in from California or something. In stead these were just obviously "over the hill" birthday balloons.
I thought, in addition to the balloons you might like to see that Marigold is now a budding artist.  See her sharpie-art-work on the wall?  (How did she get a sharpie?  No one knows of course)

 I also can't help share a family who wrote to me and sent me picture of their Hobbit Second Breakfast.  This man brought the idea to his classroom. Check this out!

 Welcome Map of the shire. Neat-o!

 What a memory these children will have!! (privacy regulations indicates that you cannot post faces without permission :) 
 This mother was traveling with her family on that day and promptly stop for a Second Breakfast at 11am sharp! :D
 Some of the kids zipping by in The Bug.
 The next antic was poor Mr. Jolly Green was coffinized.
 I think Bilbo is one of the grubbiest boys on the planet but he makes for a good chauffer.  Locals, perhaps you think Poppy looks a bit like a cousin of Aragorn's?

The great mystery though is who was involved in this?! No one seems to know.  Not only did he wake up from the coffin, he also donned a dress and wig.  I think I just about split my side open laughing.    The mystery still has not been solved.


  1. So, I'll give you my two cents worth on the washer. The service guy from Sears told me not to waste my money on a front loader - they break down just as much as the top loaders and cost way too much. You can get a high efficiency top loader now.

    I've had great luck with Kenmore.

    Good luck!

  2. I'm with Ellen. Just bought an HE top loader last year at the recommendation of the man who comes out and fixes our appliances. He said that the side loaders are a waste of money and don't work any better. I'm actually looking forward to the day we can buy a NON-HE top loader again. The HE doesn't use enough water and clothes still come out stinky on occasion. Give me full submersion and I'll give you clean clothes. :-)

  3. PS. Is that Linda from Cali in that photo?!

  4. Full submersion washer is my dream washer. We had an old Maytag washer for 10 years $50 when we got married and it was awesome. We did have good luck with our Maytag Neptune ( you had that , too, right? Did you like it? ) except it just didn't use enough water and diapers were harder to get clean enough to suit my fancy. I like a sweet smelling diaper fresh out of the wash.

    I do not know where Linda is from! She just sent me some nice comments. Then she sent me the awesome pictures and a very funny email. It was delightful! I meant to post them longer ago but... you know... I hope I wasn't suppose to ask for permission to post them haha

  5. PS: the problem for us with a top loader is that we built a "shelf" up for the washer and dryer to save our backs and as we were just joking a bit ago, we'd need a ladder to get the laundry out of a top loader. Though it is true, we could change the set up afterall it isn't like it's a parade of homes laundry room! (though I do like the little valance in there and my picture of Our Blessed Mother hanging Our Lord's diapers :D

  6. We had a regular top loading Kenmore for 25 years---but then I only raised 3 children(-: And um, I don't even know what an outdoor wood boiler is--is that because I'm a city girl or because I'm from CA? :-D

  7. Oh, I didn't realize a woodboiler was a mid-west hick thing haha. I don't think CA would allow for the outpouring of smoke but its to be expected here hahaha

  8. I think the wood burning boiler is a farmish thing. We looked at a small farm a few years ago and it was heated with a wood burning boiler. Plus it can heat more than one building.