October 3, 2012

World Dairy Expo

Today I took almost 1/2 my ruffians to the World Dairy Expo.  Not exactly my kind of fun but sometimes we do things for our children.  And I will admit, it was enjoyable as there were some 75 people from one of our homeschooling groups.  And, it was interesting.
 So you ask, what happened to Pippin's eye. In a normal family you'd hear perhaps "Johnny threw a rock" or or something normal.  When I asked what happened Sam told me, "Poppy took a pin from the chopper and threw it at him."  (what was she doing with a pin from a piece of a farm machinery?!)
 They had a neat exhibit set up with people vs cow food. It was actually quite interesting.
 The cotton part intrigued me. I am used to "up north" type cows and they don't eat cotton.... that I know of.  I suppose it must be the "down south" cows that eat cotton? I didn't want to show my ignorance so I didn't ask.   :D  So I asked after I posted... *chuckle*  it's not uncommon for farmers to feed their cows cotton seed because the seed is fattening.  Remember, I never said I was a farmer!
 Cows also eat candy throw aways.  Like if a machine breaks in a candy shop they now sell the bad pieces to farmers. I knew this as our last (rental) home we'd find chocolate bars in the feed.  I don't know how much candy fodder my littles ate back in "them days". haha

 Now, I will admit that these were pretty cows.  They were all sleek and shaven and just shiny nice.
 These ones with the gray "shadows" around the black spots I thought particularly pretty.

The milking parlor.  What made me laugh was that my boys were interested in this as if they don't milk a cow every night.
 The kids were able to stick their thumbs in the "milker thingies" to feel the suction. (I'm not a farmer so my lingo is a bit ... off.)
 They spent much time shaving and primping the cows.  My kids were intrigued with the tails as they were shaved down and then a big fluffle was left at the bottom. 
 This antic just cracked me up.

 It took 2 to take the cows for a walk. One lead the cow, the other carried the "bed pan" No joke, they would catch the *ahem* droppings. The place was quite clean. Just the same Pippin managed to not realize the wheelbarrows full of hay were only covering the cow plops that had been picked up. So he managed to slather himself in manure.  Surprised?  Me neither.
 After our tour we watched the cow judging.  I learned something.  They will super-glue the udders shut so the milk doesn't drip out because a full udder was to be highly prized.  Really?

 Sometime, somewhat recently we went on the annual Shakespeare homeschooling field trip. (Read:  get to see a great Shakespeare production for cheap)  This year it was to 12th Night.  This theater does an awesome job (professional). 
 Some have asked (at least locally) about our battery storage system. We had some batteries go bad, but in case you wondered, here are 2 of said batteries.  I'm not very good at describing our system but in simple terms, these store the excess solar (and wind) energy.  And yes, our house runs just like anyone else's... with electricity... we just are probably better at conserving than your average family of 13. :D
 Rarely do I get to take a nap, that's usually my Sunday afternoon enjoyment.  This past Sunday I was deep in slumberland when Sam came in to show me this "Walking Stick". It doesn't take long for a woman to wake up from a deep sleep when there is a bug in her face. I think I screamed.  Then of course Sam dropped it.  But just the same now that I get to see the picture, it's pretty neat... so long as it stays out of my bed!!
 We have turned into a sort of Hobbit-Shakespeare connundrum around here.  My children are getting rather disappointed in me as I haven't been generous in letting them wear these outfits to... oh... say... Mass.
Ok, so I got the baby a cute pair of boots... they weren't meant to go with this outfit.... if indeed it is an outfit. I think it is more of a "get-up"

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