October 2, 2012

Not-So-Harsh-Words Afterall

As seen in a bulletin:  (these were written by a priest, not by me... I just thought it was awesome)

Some people complain and say: Father uses harsh language.

I say: Not as harsh as the brutal baby-slaughtering metal instruments used to murder 10,000 babies every Saturday.

If someone wants to complain about harsh, let them complain about that. 

We have not used harsh language, and 56,000,000+ babies have been slaughtered. We are way overdue.

There is NO SUCH THING as being "Catholic for Choice." You cannot be Catholic and pro-abortion, nor can you support those who are, with your funding or your vote. You certainly are free to support or vote for someone such as this, just as you are free to choose eternal damnation. However, if you support or vote for anyone so utterly evil, turn in your Catholic card at the door, and your Christian card too, because, de facto, you are neither Catholic nor Christian.

Support the slaughter of innocents, to your eternal damnation.

(No mincing of words there!!)


  1. Now tell us how you really feel. ;-)

  2. I think my body is starting to stop shaking now... 2 days later :D

  3. Okay. But we are for choice - Latin or English!!!

  4. Not nearly harsh enough...I know you can do better I hate baby murders!

    And actually...Latin only , please!

  5. Just to clarify, these were not my words!! This was in a bulletin, written by a priest. Not written by me.

  6. Oh... and Deborah, I was thinking you were talking about my running out of gas and having to walk. Getting my posts mixed up here.

  7. Great Priest! Love a man of God who speaks straight out on the evils of abortion...

    I came Veeeery close to running out of gas, so happy I made it to the gas station in the nick of time. I get Anxious if the gage is too near the big, red E!