October 2, 2012

Happy Feast Day Guardian Angels

Today is a very special feast day for all of us!  It's the Feast of our Guardian Angels.  I wonder how we ever feel lonely when we have a messenger sent from God with us every moment!  I received a beautiful (group) email from a priest and I would like to share his thoughts on celebrating with our Guardian Angel:

When God assigned an angel to us, the angel had to give his consent. When angels choose something, they choose it all the way to the end without ever changing. Angels are not wishy-washy in any way. That is why devils can never repent and the good angels can never sin. They are fixed permanently in their choice. When our angel said yes to God, he willed to be ours forever...come what may! What an angel wills, he loves too. Thus, our angels love us unto the end. What a lesson for us. We should be angelic in our choices for the good...that is, we should embrace the good that God wills for us without ever compromising or changing our mind...come what may! Thus, it would be a good day to renew our baptismal vows as if we were angels... We should renew or marriage vows as if we were angels...unto the end, come what may!

I would also like to here mention St. Michael as I did not post about him on his Feast Day on Saturday and he is a favorite.

We all know the story... or should... but the only thing I will point out by way of a little reflection is what he is holding in his left hand.  Let's ask ourselves, "Just supposing I were the little soul between St. Michael and Lucifer... how would I weigh?"  Heavy with sin or light with virtue?  Am I burdened with the weight of the world, worries, fears, sins or am I fighting those things with a double edged sword and lightening my burdens?  "My yoke is easy and My burden light."

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