October 28, 2012

Shootin' and Old Times

 Aragorn took the oldest 4 to an Appleseed shoot, they had a great time.

 Eowyn taking a bit of a rest... with help.
 I don't know why they decided to play mummy.

 Galadriel just finished a cloak for Marigold who is going to dress up as St. Joan of Arc for the All Saint's Day party in a couple weeks.
 We went to Old World Wisconsin with our homeschooling group.... though only 3 families were able to make it.  We went 3 years ago and sometime in between a tornado ravaged through, hence the lack of trees!

 They have trams to ride around as the place is 562 acres (or so).  We stayed for 5 hours and barely got through.

 We had a beautiful day in the mid 70's!  It was windy but otherwise a perfectly beautiful day!
 The buildings were brought in from various places around the state.   This is the oldest church, St. Peters. It was closed on this particular day but when we came 3 years ago it wasn't so if you'd like to see the beautiful traditional church you can click HERE.

 They even cook up the foods of the time.  They don't do samples... it isn't Costco.

 The various laundry rooms intrigued me. I wonder if it wouldn't be easier to go back to a simpler living, less clothes, simpler washing.  But I didn't wonder for very long.
 Each building had someone who gave talks of the time.
 This one house had the ladies "powder room" and the men's "tap room". haha
 The shoe store we weren't able to get to much to Eowyn's disappointment.

 Extra shirt collars,  I don't get it either.
 More early laundry days.

 The wheel maker.
 Some of the talks and questions and answers got a little long for the little ones, this was taken just before they started arguing about sitting in that exact spot.

 An old-time dress "hoop" at the general store.

 Old time packing peanuts.... sawdust.

 Eowyn trying out a large braid for sale.

 The blacksmith
 The blacksmith's bellows


 The smokehouse

 I wish this were my garden

 Classes were taught in the ol' school house.

 A little break for lunch


 I also wish this were my garden.
 This woman showed us how she wove flax into fabric, She also showed us the spinning loom for making the thread.  Very fascinating.

 This one was thrashing the flax.  (not sure if that is the right term)
 Merry wearing some of the wooden garden shoes... sort of like the current day "crocs"... only wood.
It was an awesome day and the rain held off until we got to our cars and then the ride home was some torrential rain.  We got home to find one of the chickens had gotten out.

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