October 7, 2012


 We have had a particularly beautiful fall for our area.  We aren't like New Hampshire where I went to college where the colors are brilliant... as in totally on-fire... but this year we have had some very vibrant colors.  Absolutely a gorgeous fall.... not to mention alot of sunshine.
 So, I was taking my weekly siesta... it's what I do on a Sunday afternoon.... to wake up to find that our round bales are being put to good use.
 Sam had strategically placed them so as to form a race track.  Yes, a racetrack. I mean what else?

We've (as in "we" where I don't have a part of the "we") been harvesting our soy beans.  Now, I'm going to probably get this wrong but normally we get 60 bushels to the acre... this year it was more like 20.  However, it pays for the seed and fertilizer so we'll do a tad better than breaking even... which is better than foreclosure, right? haha

(I would also like to clarify if you've been following our antics...  I had a type-o that must be clarified...(I have since fixed it below)... it was most certainly not Frodo who stuck his arm in the manure... it was Pippin... of course.  Frodo is the most meticulous child and is not likely to do that even on accident... however, Pippin is ... well... is... just... Pippin and related to all sorts of accidents.)


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  2. I thought the name Laudamus Te sounded familiar... Margot is my cousin (well... she married my cousin :)