September 15, 2010

Bye-Bye Pumpkins

For Christmas someone gave us a really nice set of dishes. Since we got married 15 years ago we have used Pfaltzgraff. We probably have gone through 200 plates. We like breaking things. We hadn't opened these new plate sets (Corelle) because I was merely waiting for us to break all our current Pfaltzgraff. Now it's time to try something new. So out these came. I really couldn't help laughing when I read on the bottom of the plates "chip and break resistant" hahaha.

Someone or other came today to buy 3 or 4 of our giant pumpkins for a somewhat local giant pumpkin race. So you ask what is a giant pumpkin race? I will direct you HERE and be sure to watch the youtube, it was so funny all the children and I were just howling laughing. Ok, just a warning, we are easily amused. We plan to go to the race this weekend (the link is not to the one we are going to, just one I googled) so watch for more pictures.
And so you ask, how did we get these things loaded since they are well over 500 pounds? Well, I wasn't there though I did specifically ask for pictures the answer was "How was I to take pictures? I was loading them!" Obviously that came from the non-blogger of the family!!! But they just used a tractor of some kind with a loader of some kind or another on it. Not very exciting.

Bye-bye Pumpkins!

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