September 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Eowyn

Happy Birthday, Eowyn! I know, a glazer donut "cake"? I have heard from semi-reliable sources that some people eat these with ice cream and m&m's...... seems to me that violates the pristine purity of a glazer donut!

The little climber makes herself at home at the piano.

I think she is sings, too.

A nicely frosted and decorated Trinity Acres special.... that is this time the cake makers put on chocolate chips on top of glops of frosting.

Now that I'm done with all this blowing out of candles business I can get back to real life... reading.

We have a great farmer's market. I can't say enough for the Kettle Corn. (tettle torn as Bilbo says) One week they also had hand pressed, homemade lemonade made on sight. It was sooo good.

Friends of ours with their pumpkins and melons.

This is my first stop, great little lady who said she didn't want to be in the picture but it was alright to take one of anyone else.

This isn't just a nice picture of tomatoes, can you see what I was actually taking a picture of?

A red dragon fly. I never saw one before. Dragon flies are about the only insect I like.

Each week the farmer's market committee has a special event. This week was a cider press.

This is the tomato lady.

The crocheting ladies. Each week I bring 2 of the children, this week was Eowyn & Rosie.

This is our favorite apple man (he is standing by his truck back there).

Neat-o liscense plate! (no, our Bilbo isn't driving)

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  1. Happy Birthday, E! We love you... your cousins think you're the greatest :) Come on over soon and read to all of the little ears here ;-) Have a great year!