September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Poppy

Aragorn and I went out to eat and the buffet had octopus.... so I brought one home for Frodo.
I kind of assume this is a baby? I could nto get myself to eat it, I don't know if those are 2 eyes but they look like 2 eyes and last time I tried one, I felt sure that those legs were grasping my tongue, that is just too life-like for my taste buds.

No, Poppy that's a ball.

Brotherly love.

On Poppy's Birthday Grandma and Auntie came over. One of the gifts was this giant box, much bigger than Poppy herself.

I was much relieved that it was a wagon and not a coffin.

Now this is what I call a family-size umbrella, we would only need 3 for the whole family one for the boys, one for the girls and one for us. Excuse the 2 grubbi-muffins in the front row.

They also brought these cookies that were sooooo good. They even made a good breakfast next morning.... what was left of them that is!

There was a rather lengthy process to try to get this put together since Grandpa, Aragorn and Sam were gone....!

Poppy's patience.

Gotta have chocolate.

But I wasn't done yet.

Case if the crocodile tears.

Don't even think about taking this away.

Poppy was delighted with the new jammies that Grandma and Auntie brought for her, but who designs these camera flashes to blind you in the process?

Ok, this was absolutely delightful.... four cranes in the back yard, well, not the yard but up along the fence line. I don't know what it is about cranes but they are so fascinating.

A friend of mine and I are starting a Latin Mass children's choir. Eowyn was dabbling in the music a bit.

A perfect day for a walk.... as the physician would recommend.

Down by the patch things are still growing but slowing down a bit

Wow! The squash has gotten absolutely huge!!

Just kidding, it's not quite that big.

No, those aren't weeds around the pumpkins, it's foliage.

I was having one of those kinds of days too.... which is why I was out for a walk. A little fresh air and an extra rosary clears the mind of it's fog.

Not sure how big this watermelon is but the boy is 10 so you get the idea.
This is a giant tomato and don't ask me why Frodo's hand is glowing pink when the tomatoes are the right color..... his hands weren't pink.

I don't know but that these giant tomatoes are the ugliest things. They really look more like Siamese tomatoes but not just 2 but like 4 tomatoes all connected at the stem.

Baby Box Elder bugs are back.
The Elephant Man Pumpkin

Although I have never seen such huge pumpkins in my life I still find I'm rather disappointed that my image of 8 foot tall pumpkins was just a delusion. I seem to have alot of those.
It was desperado day ... that is I was cleaning out my closet after school. I actually have a floor in there! That was the neatest thing I found. Eleanor ran across Galadriel's "boots" from after her brain surgery and thought they were the "coolest" (mis-matched) boots she ever saw and what grand noise she could make with one of them. Galadriel wasn't so keen on trying them on for size.


  1. Ewwwww to the octopus!! ;-)

    Happy Birthday, Sweet Poppy! Do they make those jammies in my size? :)

    The pumpkins look great! You're making the pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving this year?! :)

  2. Happy Birthday pretty little Poppy!

  3. I can't believe it is Poppy's birthday already! I always love to see your sweet children!

    BTW...Anna Marie Francesca was born on August 25th... :o)
    I am in love!
    Miss you, my friend!!