September 17, 2010


You know, there are some people who are intellectualized far beyond their intellect and way beyond the use of Reason and their mental capability. If you can believe it, there is a National Secular Society. Well, that is believable. And there is the impossible "De-Baptism." That is unbelievable.....

After due deliberation, I ________ having been subjected to the Rite of Christian Baptism in infancy (before reaching an age of consent), hereby publicly revoke any implications of that Rite and renounce the Church that carried it out. In the name of human reason, I reject all its Creeds and all other such superstition in particular, the perfidious belief that any baby needs to be cleansed by Baptism of alleged ORIGINAL SIN, and the evil power of supposed demons. I wish to be excluded henceforth from enhanced claims of church membership numbers based on past baptismal statistics used, for example, for the purpose of securing legislative privilege.

Absolutely unbelievable. However, the beauty and infinite wisdom of God, pervails... and the Gates of Hell shall not. Baptism leaves an indelible seal upon the soul, so there is always hope for these people. One cannot simply wipe Baptism away with a certificate. "All gone and I have my certificate to prove it!" Wipe away Sanctifying Grace by sin, yes, wipe away the indelible seal of Baptism.... no! (Praise God! Did He know how weak we would be or what?)

Faith is the most beautiful thing, it is what we cling to when there is nothing else. We can rely on Faith when things seem most hopeless and we feel most abandoned. I wonder what these people do now that they have their brilliant certificate.... frame it.... and then what? Well, and I say this with a chuckle, there are saints who had totally rejected Our Lord, Jesus Christ before............ and in His Infinite Love and Mercy He... oh.... say.... knocked them off their high horse. Perhaps we could each make a sacrifice for one of these people and one day, perhaps meet him in Heaven. I don't think I could stress enough the importance of making every attempt to grow in Faith by prayer, study and spiritual reading. May God have mercy on their souls.

I searched to look for an image to put with this and what I found was sickening, as in tear-stingingly-so..... so I opted for the most beautiful thing, the Crucifix.

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