September 20, 2010

Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Sausages

Poppy has taken a gluttonous approach to pork.

We all like sausages but they are divvied up by age/size so poor little Poppy only gets two. So here she is trying steal Galadriel's sausages but ended up with a slice of french toast.
Truly the end of the world.

The people who took the 4 big pumpkins came for a 5th. I guess this race was between 4 high school students but they decided to surprise their racers by entering in one of their teachers. The story is they were going to decorate their giant pumpkins to resemble NASCAR race cars. Somehow I can't see a giant pumpkin looking like a car at all nevermind when it is floating down the river, but maybe in my old age my imagination is starting to slack off a little. We had planned to go to this race but the thought of driving 4 hours round trip to see giant pumpkins racing began to lose it's appeal in a hurry. We are thinking of seeing if we can get one of these things to float after the fair this coming up weekend.

I got this really amazing picture of the moon and a rare occurrance of a mini-moon!!! I hope NASA sees this!
Actually, this is what we used to call a "puffball" and really is only a mushroom of sorts. When I was young we used to get our enjoyment by throwing these things and making them "poof" in a big cloud. But we are civilized adults now so we fried one of them. Yummy.

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