September 5, 2010


Sweet Pickle Relish
I wonder why I never thought to use a food processor before? It's a whiz esp for something like sweet pickle relish that requires alot of fine chopping.

After it is all chopped you add salt. Don't ask why there is no lable on the salt, my children have a thing for removing labels. Fortunately we usually store it in a tupperware container so it doesn't really matter. Just in case you were wondering how we store salt...

Then you cover it with cold water to soak for 2 hours.

Meanwhile we harvested our basil and I went to work making pesto sauce.

Pesto sauce is delicious over hot pasta but it is a good idea to invest in some altoids mints to help mask the garlic!

This is 3 batches of pesto and...
3 batches of sweet pickle relish.
Great on a burger, hot dog or brat.

Aragorn said he wanted marshmallows in his hot cocoa.... have you seen these kinds of giant marshmallows? They are huge. We are trying to get around to roasting the giant marshmallows down by the giant pumpkin patch.... just for the effect.

I have said before, it is unwise to leave a camera lying about when a husband is around.
I'm a crank pot.... and you would be too if you had 4 teeth pop out all at once!!!

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