September 5, 2010

More of Not Much

You wouldn't believe what it is like to cut his hair.

Where's Poppy?! After a brief panic, my children like to do that to me, we found her here. One can go to sleep anywhere if one has a blankie and a thumb.
Merry was our worst, he would fall asleep in the most unusual spots.

Last Sunday we had a nice time with Aragorn's family out at his #7 sibling's house. We trekked over to a local lake for some boating... well, I stayed on good ol' terra firma. To protect the camera shy I erased their heads

Poppy did go out in a boat for about 1 minute to which he screamed her head nearly off with fright so she was promptly brought back to safe havens. Bilbo took her place and loved it.

The children went tubing, but I don't think this was part of our group, motor boats all look the same to me but you get the idea.

Some of us went back early to #7's house.

When you have your 10th baby you simply don't have baby toys.... or any toys.... with batteries so I don't think Poppy has ever heard one. When this one started talking to her she jumped. Of course it only took about 10 seconds before she realized she could make lots of noise and enjoy it. Babies like that you know.... moms don't. And the really nice thing about toys with batteries? The batteries run dead. The really nice thing about toys with little chips in them that last forever.... they don't like the microwave.... of course that might be way our microwave died....

3 of the 4 baby cousins.

Miss Dilectability

Poppy for some reason likes to torment her baby girl cousin. Methinks she is just envious of that lovely crop of hair.

Then there was a nice little be-earlied birthday cake for Poppy.... who turns one soon.

Each time I drive out the driveway I look at this monument that I am sure Sam strategically placed by the woods. Any ideas what this may be? Of course it has been sitting there for over a month....... so who knows. I never seem to remember to ask.
You know you are materialistic when you buy this cute tiny little compact umbrella to have handy and the first time it rains you bemoan the fact that you have to get it wet........

You probably cannot really see the plague of giant dragon flies in the picture but I kid you not, we had just hundreds flying over us. Any other locals see this?

The children of course, who had come in screaming that I just had to come out and see this and don't forget the camera (dragon flies are not photogenic) were trying to catch them. One even got a tennis racket to help in the endeavor.... I guess that's the 2nd best when you don't have a butterfly net handy...
Sam took this opportunity to behead the sunflower, ever see one so big? It is 18 inches in diameter.... though we know a man who had one get to 27 inches in diameter.

I love a good storm! And it's a good thing as we've had plenty this summer. The other day we got 5 inches of rain.... in one day. That is like 5 feet of snow. I sure hope we don't get 5 feet of snow in one day, we'd probably be here til spring.

We usually wait til birthdays for any gifts the children get but come on... this is #10...


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