September 4, 2010

The Holy See

Cluster Maps is about to archive all the hits to my blog. I'm not a "hits" person, I'm really just curious where on the globe people come from. But my intense pride sky-rocketed when I saw this

Holy See (Vatican City State) (VA)

I am thoroughly enjoying living in the delusion that the Pope visited here. I've been waiting patiently for an email from him asking me to have "coffee"* with him in Rome. I'm sure he's just very busy right now.
*I have never actually ever had a cup of coffee so this is just a figure of speech


  1. that is awesome, I bet he loves your blog! ((and I wouldnt think it would be too delusional to think he visited, you have a great blog!

  2. That is so very cool! The Pope part, not the not drinking coffee part. ;-)

  3. wow! (do you think that the Pope has a blog himself?)

  4. Cecilia.... I actually thought maybe you were in Rome with your art work projects and visited me from there :)