September 26, 2010

Pumpkin Weight

Well, I suppose the weekend is a bad time to post a contest since there aren't so many people looking at blogs, unlike me who seems to only look at blogs on the weekend. But I was so excited to post about the pumpkin I though I was patient waiting a whole day.

That's our pumpkin at the fair weighing in at............................... 1,203 pounds !!! (biggest was 1,488)
So our winner is.... a Shy Anonymous Local who guessed 1,204, off by 1 pound. Runner-up is Jamie with the 2 cutest kids! Off by a whole 3 pounds. Her guess was 1200. Just email me your address HERE.
We won 3rd place out of 26 pumpkins winning $300, which we split with the man who we worked with. The top 3 pumpkins entered in an official certified GPC (great pumpkin contest) fairs are ineligible to enter other official contents but we have another we'll take tomorrow to an unofficial-uncertified pumpkin contest and then there is another one next week.

These are some of the other pumpkins. Our pumpkin will be spending the night at the fair as it will get to ride around in the parade. haha The best part of the whole thing was it was simply enjoyable to try and grow such a giantic thing!

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