September 16, 2010

Nature Center

We went to a local nature center for a class on bugs.

This is an Indian Mound

The nature center is like a mini-cabellas.

They even had a stuffed Poppy...

Just a unique pen.

Now, how often will you see a sign like that in a public place! Beautiful!!

Our crowd.

She was a great teacher... well, not quite a good as mother of course!

They handed out dental mirrors to get a better view on the underside of the leaves.... no fear, I didn't take one. As a friend of mine on Long Island would say similarly, there simply are some things we do for the sake of our children. Studying bugs is one of them.

Kids seem to like this bug thing. I was glad I got to stand/sit around at baby central.

Why do children insist on sharing everything with their mother? Ugh. And the best part seemed to be the excitement that some of the bugs were eating each other. Incidentally these bugs were for feeding to the toads. I wasn't sorry I missed that.

I did however greatly enjoy the little birds that were playing in the trees. I should know what these are but the name escapes me.... anyone? Thank you Anonymous, chickadee was going to be my guess but I figured it was better to show my ignorance than double ignorance... just in case :)

Afterwards there were crafts making dragonflies.

Afterwards we went to a park for lunch. "Sweetie pie, honey, dear, please bring the ice pack." Frozen fish doubles as an ice pack. But it's a forgiveable offense since he puts his ketchup on before the mustard........!

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