May 13, 2011

Am I Hacked?

Just yesterday I posted a couple/few posts and now they are gone.  Now, I know they were there because I have a tracker that tells me what people look at (no, I don't know who you are) and one regular viewer had viewed my new post(s).  Does Blogger randomly delete or lose posts?  This never happened before. *shrug*.
*chuckle*  My original posts re-posted all by themselves.  I'm beginning to wonder about computer literate people and the minds therein!!


  1. Dear Julie,
    I think it is a blogger issue as I lost 2 posts as they were doing maintenence I am going to re post them using my google reader which is how I keep my post from being lost...such like this


    The link above explains the problem. I guess the Blogger people have been living a nightmare trying to get everything back to normal. Meanwhile, there was a lot of loud criticism about the failure of this FREE service. Gee, do we take the internet for granted or what?

    Love the pictures of the kids, cats, birds, and all. God bless.

  3. Thanks for all the info. Having the kind of imagination I do, I conjured up all kinds of stolen-identity type things! haha I'm so me. I'm glad it is just a glitch at blogger. Tis true, beggars of free blogs really shouldn't be choosers! I can't imagine I'd want to pay to get my 2c out though!! :D