May 1, 2011

Help Wanted

Anyone know how to fix my blog so that my side bar is back up where is should be?  It's all the way at the bottom yet if you click on a blog post it is where is should be.  Don't ask me how I managed that as I don't know.  But my talents are rather amazing.  Don't envy me!
Smoocho Gratias!
( that's thank you with a kiss in Spanglish... )
You know... I'm so tri-lingual, that is the Latin form of Spanglish.... if you know English, Spanish and Latin you can understand..........

1 comment:

  1. Could be a couple of things. Did you change the size of your sidebar or main post category recently?

    Or you could have a tag open. Have you been working on the HTML?

    It also could be that a picture you posted on the sidebar is too wide. In Blogger, if your picture is wider than your sidebar px than it can make everything wonky.

    What was the last thing you did before it broke?

    Feel free to email me- happy to try to help!
    milehimama at gmail com