May 17, 2011

Dream Car

I don't know the first thing about cars except things like "works", "doesn't work", "cute", "car", van", "mini-van", "truck", etc... and other such things that make one's husband-who-can-tell-the-make-model-engine-size-from-a-mile-away get a very odd expression that reads, "duh, you didn't know that".  I have to say and excuse my pride, but I can just about can tell the difference between a peace symbol and a mercedes symbol... I'm good! *blush*

All that said, I really just wanted to put this little car on my "when I get old and have only 1.2 children left in the house" wish list (this seats 3).  EXCEPT and please note carefully, in case you plan to buy me one, I would like it in RED.  And be sure it is a deep rich red, not the orange-red or pink-red.  Not to be ungrateful or particular or anything.

Have you ever seen a cuter car? I mean you can see its personality... it's even smiling.  Quaint.  

You can always tell an over-due mother by the bloggings... whodda thunk I'd have one on cars?!  (my very least favorite subject.


  1. I'm guessing that the Mongolian food did nothing to move things along. Hope you have your baby soon.

  2. haha Nope, rain, snow, sleet, hail, full moon, spices,... nuttin' moves my babies along. However, 1 did arrive at the peak of a lunar eclipse... 10 days late.

  3. Try a somersault Julie - it worked for me when I was 2 weeks late!

  4. I wish I had some thing to offer, but my only child was 18 days late and decided to come only when the threat of an induction was made. I tried pepperoni pizza, walking and the rest of the usual suggestions. My water did break when I was coming home from trying to go out to eat and deciding not to do the 25 minute wait for a table - good choice or it would not have been very pretty.