May 19, 2011

Joan of Arc By Mark Twain

I just finished the book Joan of Arc by Mark Twain.  I absolutely highly reommend it.  I put it right up there with my favorites like The Perfect Joy of St. Francis, Three Religious Rebels and The Family that Overtook Christ.  Not only is the book extrememly well written (it is alive, vivid and draws you right into the plot....) it is an absolutely beautiful portrayal of both a real human person and a saintly person.  I don't know what kind of Grace Mark Twain received to write this but he was inspired in some great way is all I have to say. 

Now what to read next....


  1. Have you read "Under Angel Wings"? I highly recommend it. True story about a girl who can see her Guardian Angel.

  2. I started reading this book on our trip! Good read.