May 15, 2011


Now that we've been expecting a new hobbit for about 83 months (the last 74 months to non-expectant people translates to about 3 weeks), it is time to completely waste consume ones time in researching things of invaluable importance.  One of the children brought me an information card about a gorilla which said they get to be 400 lbs.  Eleanor wanted to know what "lbs" was so I looked it up at world wide words.  It comes from "libra pondo" the latin word for "pound weight".  And so as not to offend metrologists (not to be confused with meteorologists, who probably dont' care about pounds), leave off the "s" and just go with lb... not lbs..... of course now most people use # so I wonder what to make of that.... Did you know that metrologist study units of measurements?  (what is there to study I wonder?)  But if I wasn't waiting for an 11th hobbit I never would have known that!  Just another of many reasons have more children and join the ranks of irresponsible parenting!

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