May 20, 2011

Where's the Stork?

 The stork is still just standing around lookin' purdy and forgetting to bring along some kind of bundle.  In the meantime, our massive grocery shopping of 3 weeks ago has depleted itself.  So what else do you do at 41wks + 5 days, besides give standardized tests and work through what you want the children to work on for the summer for school.....  You run around alot.  UWP for cheese, Costco, Woodmans... very full car.
 After that I ran into town so we could get some flowers to plant.  Well, the one above was from costco.  I think everyone at costco this morning had one of these in their cart.
 It was an absolutely beautiful afternoon for playing with dirt.

 Don't laugh at my lack of green thumb and my hanging baskets being a bit katywumpus.  It's just about flowers and being natural.... ummm... right?  This year we planted pink Mega Splash (Zonal Gernium), Yellow Lantana and White Bocapa. 
 We had a hard frost the other night and it took the lives of our tomato and pepper plants so those needed to be replaced.  Oddly a friend of mine some 15+ minutes away didn't get a frost at all.  But then again I suppose she hadn't planted her garden yet haha.
 Sam's been growing a bunch of zucchinis to plant around the giant pumpkins to keep the bugs away.  I'm not sure exactly the theory on this but something about these plants distracting the bugs.
 I remembered that the children said that the Trillium were up so I decided to go for a little walk... haha... more like a little lumbering along. 
 Poppy with "chocolate" on her face as Bilbo said... it was actually dirt... This is the time of year toddlers have to do the dirt sampling... just in case it is different than last year's dirt.
 In one of the storms part of our gigantic play structure crashed.  But children seem to be able to make do.

 We have been enjoying morel mushrooms from the fat of the land.   We're pretty much at the end of the line now though :(
 Finally the Trillium.  I gues they are protected so they can't be picked.  I just assume keep them alive outside anyway!
 This one is unique as it was tinged with a light lavender.

 Beware if you want to try sneaking on the property, I've got 5 boys and apparently this year they have decided that digging holes and making boobytraps is alot of fun.  Of course I only remember back when I was a youngster of 5 that Meme (my elderly neighbor and bestest friend of all time)  fell in one and had a straight leg that never bent after that.

 Every mother's favorite flower (and if it isn't... shame on you!!! :)


  1. Dear Julie,
    Wow you are overdue. We are waiting till monday if the stork dose not arrive we will be induced.
    Out kids are very distracted how are yours?

  2. Very big hugs for having been pregnant for so long!!!