May 19, 2011

Braid Thief

We've had a variety of different "attachments" with the littles. Sam was his thumb and the ugliest blankie, pooh bear and "pooley".  Galadriel was her thumb and the ties to her crib bumper. I ended up making "portable" ones.  Eowyn to her thumb and a waldorf style doll. She'd suck her thumb and hold the doll's leg or arm.  Frodo his thumb and he always had a piece of hair wound around his fingers.  Just  a single strand.  Eleanor (no thumb!) just a silk and flannel "fairy" blankie.  Rosie her thumb and a rainbow silk/flannel blankie.  Merry (no thumb!) and hats, he always wanted a hat on or with him.  Pippin his thumb.  However, I heard that you can wean a baby at 6m from his thumb so I tried it. Worked within 3 days and I rued the day that we didn't have anything to settle him down during Mass and he didn't shut his mouth after that.  (haha)  Bilbo his thumb and a satin blanket (please note that silk blankie babies and satin blankie babies will not interchange fabrics!) .  Poppy her thumb and and a silk/flannel blankie, she has 3 of them and named them binkie, minkie and binkie-minkie. However....

Poppy also has this attachment to long braids.  She likes to suck her thumb and caress the girls' braids. Galdriel being her favorite followed by Eleanor Rosie above. (ack, I know my kids names... most of the time)

 Is this adorable or what?  we received this as a gift a little s'mores in a jar.
I didn't take a picture of it after we baked it because I took a spatula and smashed the bunnies flat and I didn't want to tramatize anyone :)  Need I say it was yummy?


  1. We have an 'ear diddler'. She sucks her thumb and plays with her ear with her other hand. Although it isn't always HER ear. She'll sit in your lap and before you know it she's got you ear in her hand. The funniest is when she does it to the baby. He is almost 1 now so he just gets away from her but when he was 3,4,5,6 months old he would lay next to him on the floor, suck HER thumb and diddle with HIS ear. He looked so confused! :D

  2. My son had nothing. Not a thumb, a blanket, a stuffed animal or anything to soothe the angry beast. Ack - it was a long 7 years until he finally slept through the night - yes, years, not months.

    What was the graham cracker layer on the smores? They look very interesting and I know a few people who would love to make them.

  3. I've had some ear diddler's too. I was a thumb sucker and had one of those old blankies with the satin edging. I still have my blankie.... however, I don't use it, I have it in a box :) I suppose I can't take it to Heaven?

    Ellen, the bottom layer of the bunny s'mores is graham cracker crumbs. I googled and found this recipe: