May 2, 2011


Today I decided I should probably stockpile to last us 3 or 4 weeks as we wait for the next hobbit to arrive. So all we'd have to get over the next several weeks was fresh fruits/vegetables and milk... yes, the cow is dried up and the other cow will be soon wrapped in 2 lb packages of ground beef  in someone's freezer (haha)  I do not know what possessed me to drive my "teeny tiny" car but I did.  That would have been worth a picture.  Stockpiling for a family of  13 would probably put some of you in a state of shock.  2 overheaping Costco carts..... 3 overheaping Woodman's carts.  1 semi-full Walmart cart.  1 semi-full Target Cart.  Several x-large bricks of cheese from UWP.... though that will only last us a week or 10 days.  Mind you I *only* have 2 teenagers. I shudder to imagine what it will be like when my oldest is 19... but God always provides. 

It will only take us 2 days to get it all put away.  But it might take several weeks to get the wallet to start breathing again.

And then do you know, I had no idea what a newborn wears home from the hospital over-top of his/her baby outfit?  I looked and looked and couldn't find a thinner bunting or baby jacket or anything.  Being this is the 11th child, I cannot believe I do not know this.  How can I not know this?  I know the stork didn't bring them into the house in that dangling diaper thing. I guess I'll just bring a blanket.

Speaking of breathing.... gas prices are absolutely breathtaking.  *gasp-gasp*


  1. When is new hobbit due? Ben was born in February, but it was in the 60s the day we brought him home and so he wore a one piece pajama and a knit sweater. Anna was born the end of July and wore a summery little flowery get up and just a flannel blanket to lay over her in the car.

    So I would go for knit sweater if you have one....if I was a faster knitter I would knit one for you, but at my rate you wouldn't have it until baby 17 :P

  2. I'm only 7 months along and I couldn't possibly manage a shopping trip like that! How do you do it? Are you trying to coax the little hobbit out sooner rather than later? lol ;)

    Whatever he or she wears, a lightweight blanket and cap will be just fine. Mary Elizabeth was born in May (in GA), and a lightweight blanket was good.

    I can't wait to hear your news! Keeping you in our prayers.