May 4, 2011

Nothing Too Interesting

Ok, another problem why do some of my pictures rotate themselves to sideways?! Is there a way to rotate them in blogger.  Sheesh, you'd think I was a new blogger.
 Sunday was Divine Mercy Sunday.  At one of our Cluster Parishes we had a lovely full day "mission" of sorts.
Poster Contest.

 Lots of freebies

 This is Bilbo's Jesus in his coat of many colors.
 Oh Mommy! You make really good jello!
 Frost on May 4th.... snow flurries on May 3rd.
 If you are a local and want cloth diapers, toys, whatever... stop by the ugly brown building on the train tracks in Arlington during the Arlington Garage Sale Days Thurs afternoon, Friday and Saturday.  Tons and Tons and Tons of Stuff.... even a kitchen sink... seriously.
What else would you do while waiting for a hobbit to arrive any day?! 

If you are a local and have a nice kitten for Frodo, we are looking for one... a nice one.. need I say family friendly, used to children or at least adaptable, I might add a good mouser and doesn't do his/her business on my front lawn....  Pathetically, the cat we were waiting for kittens from was run over by a car. 

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