May 15, 2011

Baby Hobbit Names

New Hobbit names..............
Marigold - Marigold Cotton (née Gamgee) was the youngest child of Hamfast Gamgee.

Like all Gamgees, Marigold was close to the Cotton Family. She married Young Tom Cotton, the eldest son of Farmer Cotton. Marigold's brother, Sam, married Tom's sister Rose.[1]
"Marigold" (from Mary + gold) refers to the Tagetes annual plants of the daisy family.
Tolkien picked the name since it contains "gold" and referring to a golden flower, suggesting the Fallohide strain in Sam's family — which, increased by the favour of Galadriel, became notable in his children.[2]
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2.↑ J.R.R. Tolkien, "Nomenclature of The Lord of the Rings" in Wayne G. Hammond and Christina Scull (eds), The Lord of the Rings: A Reader's Companion, p. 760

Fredegar (AKA Fatty)
Fredegar "Fatty" Bolger was a Hobbit of the Shire. He was one of the "Conspirators", a small group of Hobbits who knew that Frodo had the Ring.


Fatty was a descendant of Hildibrand Took (T.A. 2849 - 2934), one of the many sons of the Old Took. He was the son of Odovacar Bolger and Rosamunda Took. Fatty was born in 2980 and his family was from Budgeford in Bridgefiels of the Eastfarthing. He also had a younger sister, Estella Bolger (2985 - ?), who would eventually marry Meriadoc Brandybuck.
The Original plan of the Conspirators was that when Frodo Baggins, Sam, Merry and Pippin left Frodo's new home in Crickhollow, Fredegar (who had never left the Shire) was to stay behind to deal with any "inquisitive folk" and to keep up the pretense that Frodo was still living there by wearing Frodo's clothes and keeping about the place. After learning the identity of the Black Riders, Fatty was invited to flee with the others into the Old Forest. He claimed to be too terrified of the stories of the Forest and instead voluntarily remained behind as a decoy for the Nazgul and to tell the absent Gandalf of events should he ever show up. Though Merry tried to persuade Fatty that the Old Forest would be nothing compared to meeting the Ringwraiths, Fatty was adamant, so the other Hobbits went into the Forest.

The Ringwraiths did eventually come in the night to Crickhollow for Frodo and the Ring, but Fatty, though frightened nearly witless, escaped to raise the alarm of Buckland. This caused the Nazgul to flee, but they had learned that the Ring was gone.
During Saruman's rule of the Shire, Fatty led a group of partisans fighting against the Ruffians around the hills of Scary before eventually being captured. He was imprisoned in the Lockholes and starved, (and could no longer be called "Fatty") but rescued in the Scouring of the Shire.
The name contains ferdi "peace" and gar "spear"[2]

Information taken from Tolkein Gateway


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