April 21, 2012

Birthday Funnies and Yummies

Happy Birthday to Me!

 Mine, mine-own, mine prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrecious.
 Actually no, it's MINE.  This was a giftie from 3 of my favorite girls in the world, the "little ladies". An 'I love you" bear.  Awww.  My little soprano gave me a sweet little note and the entire children's choir sang Happy Birthday.

On our way out of choir, much to my delight we ran right into our retired organist, Jack.  It was such a delightful surprise.  I learned that I'm young... at 43.  Just a mere spring chicken.  Hmmm..
 My children's-choir-partner-in-crime sent me home with a plethera of calories to keep my girlish figure in good shape.  Round is a shape.  These were gigantic mind you.  Fortunately I had 5 boys a husband and a Poppy and Marigold who made short work of these dainties.
 Birthday cards for Mommy.  Delightful. 
 Poppy was doing some kind of dancing act that including lovingly hitting Marigold in the head with a block.  Aragorn said she reminded him of some dream in the movie Dumbo or something of elephants or something or other dancing in pink tutus.  Methinks the Italian Margarita made him see things....
 This is the cutest baby (albeit grubby) and as all cute things go, she is getting adequately spoiled.
This was not a posed picture.  Pippin came up to me as serious as he can be and began to ask me some questions dressed like this.  I couldn't think of anything but "Huh?!" so I opted for "Get me the camera."

I got a card for my birthday from one of my sisters to which it said I hadn't aged a day... more like 365 days.  (insert laughing my head off here!)   But I thought that was pretty good since it was a leap year... at least I hadn't aged 366 days.  hahahaha

I ended up with a very short and quick case of the vomits. I thought that was a nicety for my birthday but that said, I got to take a nap as a result sooo... who's complaining?
While I took a nap Aragorn and some of the boys planted about 180 onions and when I felt better and went out for my walk with the babies I was given a mission to buy 3 times that amount.

But since my bout of unlady-like ill conduct didn't last we went to my favorite restraunt (Otto's) thanks to a gift card.  I noticed it said it was "smart dress".  So I googled and discovered this key to dressing at some wiki or other:

My guess is that most people there dressed casual but thought they are pretty smart.  We went dressed more "casual" without the smarts.  The attire did not take away from the savory food.  This is what I got
Mixed Seafood Grill. prawn, diver scallops & fresh Scottish salmon with roasted fennel, artichokes, red potatoes & basil-pesto oil drizzle
with the tomato bisque soup and their extremely yummy bread... and butter (want to mention that for the sake of a friend of mine)
This is what Aragorn got.
Spinach-Artichoke Pasta. penne pasta, fresh spinach, roasted sweet red peppers, mushrooms, artichokes, feta cheese, light lemon cream with prawns
with the Cesar Salad and bread... and butter :)

And we both got an Italian Margarita.  Oh...... yum.

We were too full for dessert but Galadriel was at home whipping up some brownies....  those might have to wait until tomorrow :)


  1. Happy Birthday Julie! Your dinner sounded delicious!

  2. Happy, happy Birthday, Julie!! Very funny- when we went to Ottos, we ordered the exact same things, except I got what Tom got and James got what you got ;-) Yum.