April 15, 2012

Just Life

 Show me them baby blues
 She seems to have alot to say while saying nothing
just like her mom.
 The middle littles are into writing notes.
I received one the other day that said,
"I want to go sim En"
 I believe it was Eleanor behind all the
watering can pictures. 
This one I thought was neat.
 Don't you water your rocks?
 Watering the Mary Garden.
 Watering the bench.
 Watering the St. Michael Garden.
Incidentally after all this watering,
we had a deluge of rain in the night.
Or at least it sounded like a deluge
we got 1" of rain, but that's about
a foot of snow.
 Marigold is considering standing.
 Jello-legs is the name of the game.
They all played it.  When they think
someone is trying to get them to stand.
They simply won't.
What do you collect?
Merry informed me he started a collection
of Water Joe Wrappers.
We had to make a new house rule:
Only remove the labels of empty bottles.

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