April 10, 2012

Our Lord's Appearance to His Mother

My thoughts over the last several days of the Resurrection have been directed towards Our Blessed Mother. As we  know, she did not go with the Holy Women to the tomb to annoint the Body of Our Lord.  Of course not.  Afterall in the last words of the Gospel on Easter "He has risen as He said."  So Our Lady had no reason to go to the tomb to annoint His Body.  She knew He would not be there because it would be as He said.  Yet it doesn't include Our Blessed Mother in the Resurrection scene at all.  I couldn't help but consider this point and I recalled something I read in the True Devotion book by St. Louis de Monthfort.  That God always kept Our Blessed Mother hidden.  She was united and one with the Holy Spirit.  She was pure and perfect and totally and completely free from any stain or defilement.  Yet she appeared ordinary to those around her. Even Jesus referred to her as "Woman" on more than one occasion. God only reveals His Divine Secrets to His chosen ones.  So once again, there is no mention of Our Lord appearing to Our Blessed Mother after the Resurrection in Sacred Scripture, she was kept hidden.... though I would guess He must have gone right to His Mother first.   And I learned today that this was taught by various saints over the centuries.

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