April 18, 2012

But Why?!

I read the following this morning (I say my prayers and then I need my wake up call to the reality of this ridiculous world)

On Sunday April 15, 2012, the Feast of Divine Mercy, a 71 year old former nun named Maria Thornton McClain attempted to be ordained as a Catholic Priestess by the laying on of hands of Maria Regina Nicolosi, who pretends to be a Roman Catholic Bishop. The event took place at Friedens United Church of Christ on the south side of Indianapolis.

I love living under my rock and when I come out from under it, I am never shocked but I am overcome with a terrible case of the giggles. Of course it really isn't funny for these types of people to mock the Sacred Priesthood of Christ in any way whatsoever. The Sacred Priesthood, that glorious vocation, is a topic for another time.

It's a proven fact via Sacred Scripture, that Our Lord had a very large place in his heart for women. He came to them first after He rose from the dead. He called the pharisees... who were men... all sorts of unappetizing names (hypocrits, brood of vipers....), He had to change the names of men to give them some dignity... Simon to Peter (wishy-washy (literally a reed blowing in the wind) to Rock) and when exasperated called him Simon Peter.  Jesus dealt with women with great tenderness and love, knowing that women are far more capable of sacrificial love. There were, afterall 3 faithful women at the foot of the Cross to the 1 faithful man.

Every woman is a born mother whether she ever becomes a physical mother or not. That's the way a woman's heart loves... by its nature (how that is thwarted is another topic...). Motherhood by its very nature gives freely and unconditionally. Perhaps the human desire is there to desire a reciprocity in love, but a woman will love even without the return. It does not matter whether you love me. What matters is that I love you.

And... we.... women.... have Our Blessed Mother. She was a woman, she changed the entire course of fallen human nature and our Eternal Reward just by her "Yes". She was the most beloved by God, the specially chosen, the specially formed and created. I'm alright with finding my dignity through the Blessed Mother. I'm alright with spending my days trying to emulate the heart of Our Lady... I need go no futher. I don't want to go any further.... because there is no further.

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