April 3, 2012

Egg Decorating at the Assisted Living Home

 We've gotten on the schedule to assist as the assisted living home. It was great! Today we went for the first time and helped with the Easter Egg decorating. It was really enjoyable.  I brought "only" 5 of the children this time. 
There were several techniques from stamping to painting to rolling and fingerprinting.

There are promises to come back, hopefully this will happen every month.  It's great for children to work with the elderly. 


  1. That's wonderful. You know, I sure have been thinking about doing that lately. But it seems not feasible for me at this time because my kids are all little, no big helpers, DH is out of town half the time, and we get sick so often. Yet I'd like to do it!

  2. Anything is great! The older people really like the littles, they make them smile and laugh. I'd contact the activities coordinator, perhaps she will have some ideas, like maybe they have a little afternoon "red hat" tea once and a while and the littles could have a cookie with them. I wish I had started this long ago.