April 22, 2012

Life is Valuable

Life is valuable.  Life is valuable because it comes from God.  Outside of that our value is found in the dust of the earth from where we came.   What a beautiful gift life is... it is the breath of God, it is the Hand of God, it is His Word, it is His Will.... it is His Love.  Life has a beginning and an end.  It begins from the moment of conception by God's Word to the very last dying breath... by God's Word.  Since God is the giver of life, He... and only He.... is the taker of life.  My child, I love you and come to get you now.  I don't think it would take much for people to understand the value of a tiny baby.  Afterall, how many laws are there to protect eagle eggs (or the like) because of their "potential" to become an eagle, to borrow words from the worldly.  But what about the elderly, what is their value?  What about those in a coma?  The world gives them the label of value-less.  Oh ye of little Faith... or none at all. 

I remember when I worked at a hospital as a nursing assistant.  It was a job I really loved.  I loved visiting with the poor forgotten people who had no one to visit them. What stories! I also had the privilege to tend to the morgue care.  Tending to the body of the deceased.  Tagging the toe.  Wrapping the body.  I remembered every time wondering at what point the human soul left the human body.   I had this privilege to tend to what remained of the the temple which held the breath of God.  All the more if the person had been a Temple of the Holy Spirit. A man of God, filled with sanctifying grace which is the Life of God.  The very Life of God!

I think when people think about the value of the human being, they too often forget it isn't about us, it isn't about me... it is about God.  If we do not see the value in every human person from conception to the death which God calls him, we have no love within us. 

I think one of the worst things about "playing God" is that "health care" (which often isn't care at all)  denies the human person those moments of Grace. Those moments when God will send the Grace to make amends, to purify the soul, to give God gifts of love, to say "O My God, I am heartily sorry for having offended you.... most of all because [my sins] offend You, My God.  I firmly resolve with the help of Thy Grace.... to amend my life. Amen... so be it."

Please continue to pray for my Grandmother who hasn't been given any nourishment, food or drink, for a week. (I simply cannot talk about that horrific and evil subject)  What a woman. I just keep praying that she is being given the blessed opportunity to totally purify herself before Almighty God for her value is found in the very Hand of God who made her and in the Grace that is within her soul.


  1. I'm so sorry about your Grandma suffering this way!

    I know you're not on MarysKeys anymore, and I felt I wanted to let you know that my mother passed away.


  2. Katherine, your blogpost about your mother was beautiful, albeit shocking! I am so very sorry for your loss. I will remember her in my prayers.