April 8, 2012

Easter Day

 Back:  Eowyn, Galadriel w/ Marigold, Eleanor, Rosie & Poppy
Front:  Samwise, Pippin, Merry, Bilbo & Frodo
 Rosie & Marigold
 3 Stooges:  Merry, Pippin & Bilbo
 The Risen Christ
We hosted an Easter Lunch with some of Aragorn's family, it was a nice time.

 I put Jesus next to me.  Just where I'd want him.  (greedy and selfish little bugger that I am)
 We had a nice little feast of ham, pasta salad, green salad, chicken with mushrooms, veggies and... other stuff as well as Sangria and a chocolate wine.
 There were a number of desserts
 Chocolate wine is... interesting.  It tasted rather strong and had a grand after-taste of... chocolate.
 Baby talk

 Did I tell you about the potato gun yet?  My boys were playing with some friends of theirs and their dad had a potato gun or the story was something like that. So next thing I know... we had one.  Ours was what I originally thought must have been new plumbing for the bathroom. There was an igniter and they they sprayed in some hair spray and stuffed a potato in and poof & voila the potato went shooting some 150 yards.  My husband is still always trying to impress me.
 Cutest chocolates with little chickies inside.  Adorable or what?
 A game a Lord of the Rings Risk

 These are really great. they are called stacking pegs and will occupy mine for very long periods of time.
 Grandpa and Cousin L

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