April 25, 2012

First Steps!

 Marigold is not pleased if Poppy is sitting on someone's lap.
 Poppy won.
 First Three Steps!
 Planted 100 strawberry plants

 We expanded our gardens o' weeds this year.

 Mommy, k'I take yer picture?
 Seedlings I forgot to bring in every night. Will they grow?
 First batch of radishes are coming up.  So is something
else but since I lost the paper I had labeled each section...

 Tilling the field?!
 I have no idea
 The Thing
I was asked what number I want on The Thing
(aka The Bug)
I thought 490
(forgive 70x7 times)
 No idea

Speaking of grandma... I was blessed to have 2 wonderful grandmas.... this is my other grandma Agnes Julia Maher.  This must have been just before she died very peacefully in 1981... on St. Patrick's Day.  She was a mother of 12 children!  Someday I will have to post about this grandma.  (yes, some of my children laughed at this picture of me... but so did I haha)


  1. Julie,

    I gotta ask, your kids are always barefoot... aren't they or you scared they'll step on something??? I cringe when ever I see it - I keep thinking bees and splinters and ick - oh my!!!!

    Your daughters are growing up to be spectacularly beautiful young ladies btw...


  2. Not really. Slivers are tedious to get out because they have very tough feet on the bottom. We have had a handful cut feet over the years. But nothing that took more than peroxide, triple anti-biotic and a bandage. They don't like shoes and I'm grateful not to be buying shoes constantly. Yes, they all have several shoes each dress, sneakers, water and then there are boots. And then there are extras. I should have raised a family 150 years ago.