April 8, 2012

Easter Morning and More

 Exceeding great joy!
 Whodda thunk they'd come out with lambie pops.
Much more applicable to Easter than bunnies.
 Simple little gifties

 I said, ALLELUIA!
 In case you wondered what our
pile of Easter Baskets looked like.
 I love to hear the words, "Mom I brought you the first lilacs!"  I also love to hear, "Here Mommy, I picked you the first dandelions."  (dandelions are the gift only mothers can love)
 This was the cruelest joke I ever received.  In an order that came from the delivery man, there was a plethera of bubble wrap.  Now tell me one of your fondest memories as a child wasn't popping bubble wrap, it was totally a very wildly awesome thing.  My kids love it too. These bubbles however came in bubble chambers so if you stepped on the bubbles or pressed them with your fingers the air simply moved down the path. It took alot of creativity to pop these babies. There should be a law against this.  Ruining a perfectly good opportunity of joyful noise!
 Helping clean out the gardens... or... rathere... "helping".
 Yeah, I'm cute, I'm delectible, I'm loveable..........
 I love spring!
 Little handsome laddie
We've never been to a public (or church) Easter Egg hunt before.  I learned something... you need to bring your own baskets to collect the eggs.  That was awkward.

 Believe me, this is the closest mine have ever gotten to an Easter Bunny. Pippin just looked at his with the oddest expression and simply had no words which just never happens.

 Easter Egg dying

 Woops.... our table... is... well... let's just say... there are some things that even goof-off cannot get-off.
 I just wanted to let you know that one of these is not fun to step on in the middle of the night when the 2 year old wakes up screaming her head off.  Just in case you were wondering.
 Our old trampoline went defunct so we finally got a new one.  It was the kids' Easter gift.
 Now to back-track a little.... Aragorn's sister took some of the children to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe for her birthday.  (for my birthday I'll go alone... hahahaha)
 Pictures are compliments of Frodo.

This one made me laugh right out loud. Only a 12 year old would take a picture of the drinking fountain.

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