September 23, 2011

4 Months Old

 Marigold is officially 1/3rd. 
 And she still likes that thing.
 The point of this picture is that Poppy finally keeps poo-boos in her hair... for a little while anyway.  (Poo-boos was coined my Galadriel when she was Poppy's age, referring of course to hair bands)
 Why is it when Poppy looks calm and peaceful the baby looks like she is being terrorized? Uncanny.
 Frodo and Rosie are studying Ancient Eygpt together.  I don't know why but we all thought this scene was just too funny, esp since Frodo put his glasses on over his mask.
 I'm being informed as I typed that Frodo was *Queen* Nefatera (sp?) and Rosie was *King* Tut.  This reminds me of a conversation I had with Bilbo today.  He said, completely out of the blue, "Mommy, I want cheese for my borfday.... and cheeseborgers..... and I want to marry the guy who brings them here."  (we were in the culver's parking lot while the big kids went in to get their free custard)  My hair stood up and I said, calmly, "Boys marry girls."  He replied, "Oh, he is a gorl.... the guy's a gorl.... he has girl legs."  I decided it was best not to ask any questions.
Sam recently finished his Biology and said he wanted to buy a Chemistry set to go with the text books.  It arrived this week and wow... it was like "Christmas".  Next he proceeded to tell me he needed some balloons and suferic acid.  Sulferic Acid?!  I made a firm rule that I am not a short order chemist, he'll have to ask Aragorn about those things... I can handle balloons though.

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  1. That conversation with your younger son was hilarious!!!