September 28, 2011

Powerful Image

I ran across this incredible icon. What drew me to it was that on the left hand corner the mother is carrying a cross.  It reminded me of our marriage prep classes with Fr. Kunz (may he rest in Peace).  He had said that every woman who walks up that aisle should carry a cross.  Sobering.

Further explanation of this incredible image is that it is an Orthodox Abortion Icon.  To the left we see family life as it should be:  Mother, Father, children... mother carrying her cross since child-rearing (not just bearing) is meant to be a struggle (thanks to the Fall).    How beautiful (though rather daunting) that a mother gets to daily pick up her cross to follow Our Lord!  Sobering.

At the top we have Our Lord, the Blessed Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus and  Saint Stylianos who set up care centers for (neglected?) children. 

Then to the right we have the most horrific and horrifying...  tribulation to which those who have abortions suffer. (Let's not forget that God is merciful and has provided priests to forgive even this sin in His Name.)  In this picture the mothers are going to the "new" Herodias who is depicted as a queen with snakes in her hair (King Herod was the one who killed all the baby boys under 2 in the attempt to destroy Christ)  The doctor brutally tends to the baby and further feed the baby to the Evil One in the form of a dragon.    And then there is the woman who laments the loss of her baby.

Truly heart breaking.  Let's pray even one beautiful Hail Mary for those who suffer from the sin of abortion that they may find God' Mercy.  And praise God for His Love and Mercy.  One of the greatest blessings, next to the Body and Blood of the Lord, God has given us is the Sacrament of Penance (Confession).  No matter how rotten we have been, no matter how rotten we are.... God's arms are open.  Find yourself a priest, your Eternal Life depends on it!

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