September 16, 2011

Welcome to My World

 So we were invited to a special private Mass followed by a brunch.  Sam made fresh drink-at-your-own-risk apple cider and Galadriel made a coffee cake.  Guess who thought she should test it to make sure it was "safe".  Yep... Poppy. 
 And after I caught her on the camera, all she had to say was a happy "CHEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!"

Needless to say a 2nd coffee cake is headed for the oven right away.  No need for any men-who-wear-black to ask why we seldom get to donate to their eating pleasure!  However, if asked, I am sure we could donate to their penitential eating displeasure!
And because I always have an off-topic picture, Sam was helping Merry collect seeds for a science class.  Generally a child will bring a couple, maybe 3 kinds of seeds?  Not if Sam is involved. I did not count how many ziploc bags of seeds we had labeled but it was alot. I don't think they used them!


  1. Hi nice to see you stop by -
    I just finished a sunrise walk in the back, and was thinking how out of touch from some people I am out your visiti was so nice...

    we have a three yr. old who absolutely loves to come to the back deck with his mouth covered with meringue, as he rubs his stuffed tummy, to exlaim "mmm...mama....good pie!"

    what else can you do except laugh and then high tail it to the kitchen to see if there's still some leftover pie for your morning coffee the next day! a girl's got priorities!

    your family is just beautiful Julie!!

  2. It's like the little, chubby hand of Thing from the AAdams family! I guessed it was Poppy before the second picture. And then to say "cheese!" What a ham. With cheese!