September 26, 2011

Work Ethics

My children's work ethic is that all work falls under child labor laws so if there is work involved it has to be made into a game. So what would have taken me 3 minutes to pick up was a 30 minute ... very intricate... game for the littles.... albeit, very creative. I watched this process for a while before I had to ask for an explanation. It was getting clean but truly, it took explanation to understand how. I will try to re-enact...

Merry, person #1 collects the loot that needs to be put away and while sitting on one little chair, drives around the second chair with the loot, like a small bucket tractor perhaps.  He drives this to person #2.

Pippin is person #2.  He drives the cart loaded with the loot all the way around  the littles school table to person #3.
Eleanor is person #3.  She drives a similar double chair lift as Merry but her job was to unlaod the loot in it's proper place, which was mostly about 2 feet from where it was initially picked up.


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  1. LOL, you have more patience than I! I would have been yelling at them to get it done. Ugh... I need to be more laid back! :D