September 4, 2011

Random Nothingness

 We have very generous neighbors,they have sent us so much lovely squash, melons, cucumbers and well....lots!  Aside from making a delicious addition to our meals it also comes in handy as a crutch to support my up-side-down laptop as I try to dry it out with a fan after one of the children dumped water on my laptop.  This was *not* staged.  As I type I have a keyboard in a usb port with no keyboard on my lap top... not a pretty sight... my posture is positively ... preposterous.
 We volunteered at a cow chip throw (yes, you read that correctly, yes it is what you think it shouldn't be... it is... cow chip throw) at a fund raiser food booth.  As we sat we were (not) entertained by Elvis! I mostly posted this because I believe I have relatives who were avid Elvis fans.  He's alive!
 The booth we worked at had yummy chicken.

This is a great little baby bathtub after a baby outgrows the bathroom sink.  Marigold loved it.  I haven't been taking many pics lately so I didn't get a 3 month picture up but this is close enough.  She's a little dolly!

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  1. My sons (4 & 6) love Elvis. I keep waiting for the day when my #2 son realizes he could possibly earn a living on the Elvis impersonator circuit. LOL