September 30, 2011

Out for a Walk

Way off topic (before I start this topic), the kids were just asking when the new Narnia movie is coming out.  This is a disappointment (read HERE).

The idea was to go out all of us for a nice walk on this gorgeous albeit windy day.  However after a number of shoes could not be found, it just ended up being whoever had 2 shoes.... welcome to my world.

 A couple views of our biggest pumpkin.
 Not so big as last year, but not so small as the year before (when we didn't have any pumpkins... haha)

 Pippin was smashing this one and I hear him talking to himself "He said to enjoy!"

 On the walk back Sam so kindly brought me this.  How thoughtful, how loving....
 pippin was thrilled.
 I don't know, this was just too funny. Merry and Pippin carrying that *thing* together.
 And we wonder why we cannot find shoes. 

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