September 15, 2011

Our Lady of Sorrows

 Our Beautiful Lady of Sorrows.
The Prophecy of Simeon

The Flight into Egypt
The Loss of Jesus in the Temple
The Meeting of Jesus and Mary on the Way of the Cross
The Crucifixion
The Taking Down of the Body of Jesus from the Cross
Jesus laid in the Tomb

Read about the Sorrows at Fisheaters.

Kinda makes our sorrows kinda small.  But no matter how great or small our sorrows and desolations are, we know that they are God's Will so it is best to embrace His Will and find Joy in it. And really, in light of Eternity, our short few years on this earth, really are not more than a twinkling in the Eyes of God.  (says the one who handles things rather poorly more often than not!)


 Happy Birthday Dad!
A beautiful day to share with Our Lady!

 We are finally back in the chicken business.  We just got some 20-ish laying hens and a rooster (he doesn't lay any... haha)  Poppy was only a little excited about the chickens.  However, in this case she was more excited to see a camera and say, "CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!!!" (excuse her attire... or lack there of, this is not a current era fashion statement, she had been swimming)
 One of our kittens had kittens.  It took a couple weeks, maybe even 3 for the kids to find them.  They were down a hole under the porch.

 There were alot of squeals over this blondie.
 This is our most recent calf. 
 The chickens will be butchered sometime in October I think.
 So will the turkeys.
 Curly Calf.
 This is the proud papa (and uncle) of the kitties.  *chuckle*
Here's a reality school picture.  This was after a little craft project of making rosary holders.  Pippin has a sword (ruler) and Merry is "smoking" pipe weed (paint brush). They thought they were so very funny.

So homeschooling mothers, how is your school year going?  I think ours is going pretty well, aside from losing about 30 pencils already.  (How hard can it be, each one has a little latch box to put their pencils in, where do they go?!)

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  1. When you find the missing socks, you'll find the missing pencils!

    Loved looking at your menagerie of animals.