September 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Eowyn

 For Our Lady we had a jello cake.  Basically a white cake baked up.  Then poke little holes in the cake, dissolve one box of jello in 1 c hot water and pour over the cake.  Top with whip cream, we added blue sparkly sprinkles.
 Happy Birthday Eowyn.  I now have 3 teenagers. 
 I enrolled my 3 oldest in a homeschooling choir directed by Aristotle (for those who know him).  Frodo and Rosie fill the slot in a gym class, Eowyn in an art class and Merry in a Science class.  They all enjoyed the first day.  The 4 youngest and I visited the Miracle of Life Rosary Garden.  It is beautiful!
 We didn't stay long as Poppy wanted to run and pick the flowers!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Eowyn! And how fabulous that your children get to sing with Aristotle!